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Better Savannah is a Savannah-based State of Georgia Independent Expenditure Committee that advocates for progressive policies in local government.

At the time, in response to an overreaching Savannah City Council, Better Savannah advocated for candidates who espoused common sense policies that would produce less poverty rather than the most growth possible.


During the 2019 city of Savannah Elections, Better Savannah supported 7 candidates for mayor and city council. In what many call the most sweeping election for change in over a generation, 6 of the candidates we supported won their elections.


The newly elected candidates adopted the majority of Better Savannah’s main local platform:


  • Term limits for Savannah City Council and Chatham County Commission positions 


  • Impact fees on new development


  • Payments in Lieu of Taxes (PILOTS) for SCAD


  • A new relationship with the Port of Savannah (GPA) that includes permanent revenue to Chatham County, City of Savannah, Port Wentworth and Garden City, for example, port container fees


  • A PILOT-style compromise with the Savannah Convention and Visitors Bureau (Visit Savannah) that produces more permanent revenue to the city of Savannah that pays for extra police services required by the Downtown growth


  • Complete audits of the Savannah Economic Development Authority and a rewrite of the enabling municipal ordinance.


  • A tourism management plan


  • Requiring police staffing levels to be based on average number of persons in the city on any given day and night (students plus tourists plus residents) rather than just the full-time population






Former Chatham County Commissioner John McMasters founded Better Savannah in 2019 to advocate for progressive policy outcomes in local government.

A few years before, Better Savannah began as a small Facebook community of dedicated residents who knew Savannah could improve its policy, government programs and use of public funds (taxes).

As the COVID-19 crisis unfolded in 2020, we provided voter education and pushed the 2020 city, county and state candidates towards the same progressive direction. Particular focus went to the District Attorney, Chatham County Commission, and State House Districts 163 and 164 races.


Despite mixed results during the 2020 cycle, we remain committed to advancing this agenda in the 2022 and 2023 elections.


Candidates must take coastal Georgia seriously. Simply popping into Savannah the week before the election no longer suffices.

We look forward to interviewing and moderating forums for statewide and legislative candidates next year.

As the community grows, hopefully you will join and help us write Savannah's next chapter.

If you want to see a Better Savannah JOIN HERE

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